EV Charging Points for Home & Business

Electric Car Chargers Belfast

CC ELECTRICAL can supply and install your business or home charge point from beginning to end. A home charge point establishes direct communication with your vehicle, enhancing the safety of home charging. This technology can reduce charging times by 30 to 60%, depending on the specific car model. Not only is home charging quicker, but it can also be significantly more cost-effective with off-peak electricity rates.

Full Range of Solutions

We currently supply and install a diverse range of EV chargers to Belfast and surrounding areas:

Home Car Ports: Simple solutions that will allow you to quickly plug in your car and charge with no nonsense. Ideal for residential customers.

Business & Commercial: We’re making EV chargers in Belfast more accessible to everyone. We intall car chargers in shopping centres, retail outlets and businesses.

Public Sector & Property Development: We’re helping staff and residents of new housing projects gain easy access to charging stations for their electric cars. These are also great selling points for investors who have customers wanting to go green.

We offer full supply and installation of wide a range of EV chargers for all purposes.

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