Fuse Board Upgrade

Fuse Board Upgrade Belfast

Fuse Board Upgrades in Belfast are essential for a variety of different reasons including: Safety, compliance and adaptability to modern demands. We’ve upgraded hundreds of Fuse Boards in Belfast and the surrounding areas, earning ourselves an excellent reputation for providing quality.

Improving Safety

Modern Fuse Boards come with upgraded safety features such as Residual Current Devices and Circuit Breakers. These features are designed to switch off electricity automatically in the event of a fault and protect circuits from damage when overloaded. Improving the safety features of your Electrical Systems offers greater protection against shocks, fires and electrical emergencies.

Future Proofing

Many older homes in Belfast are still equipped with outdated Fuse Boxes with re-wirable fuses. Upgrading to modern Consumer Unites is crucial for improved safety and compliance. In addition, your Fuse Board upgrade will add more value to your property should you come to sell.

Energy Efficiency

Newer Fuse Boards include energy efficient features that will contribute towards lower energy bills. Modern Fuse Boards optimise the energy distribution in your home and reduce energy wastage.

Final Thoughts

Old Fuse Boxes are being phased out. A Fuse Board Upgrade will ensure that your Electrical Systems can meet the demands of modern living. All of the Electricians in our team have a wealth of experience providing upgrades in Belfast and the surroundings. Give us a call today and speak to our friendly team to get started.

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