Lighting Installation Belfast

Lighting Solutions for Belfast

At CC Electrical, we source and install lights for a variety of functions and styles. Whether it’s an energy efficient upgrade you’re looking for, decorative lighting or lights for your outdoor space, We can help.

Energy Efficiency

Those looking to save money on energy bills and help the environment should consider transitioning to LED Lighting. Light Emitting Diodes, also known as LED’s, use up to 50% less energy than conventional bulbs. We’ve seen a substantial increase in energy prices, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. For those interested in reducing your carbon footprint, not only do LED lights reduce your C02 emissions, they last longer too.

Indoor Lighting

Your lighting choices for the home can have a huge impact on the look, feel and functionality of your living spaces. Our technicians are at hand to transform living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and all other areas of your home. Some of our customers come to us for ambient lighting, others for decorative pieces. No matter what you’re looking for, our experience team can offer design advice, supply and install all indoor lighting products.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate gardens and pathways, enhance security and transform outdoor structures in to reacreational areas and work spaces. Our experience will make your vision a reality, get in touch with the team today to get started.

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